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Beginning on January 1, 2019, we will launch a new program for authors selling on our Indie Lector Store to help them earn more money!

In our 2018 author survey, we found that the average number of books sold per year, per author is around 587 books. The average retail price is $15.57. On Amazon, an author may earn up to $1.50 on average per book sold. That is only $880.50, not enough to pay for the variety of marketing tools, programs, etc., needed to help promote your books.

In the IndieLector.Store, an author could earn up to $4.00 per book, for a total of $2,348, a difference from Amazon payouts of an additional $1.467.50 or nearly a 200% difference – That’s HUGE!

IndieLector.Store will now pay Bonuses for book sales during the 2019 calendar year as follows:

  • First author to reach 587 sales will receive a $500 bonus.
  • Second author to reach 587 book sales will receive a $400 bonus.
  • The third person who reaches 587 book sales will receive a $300* bonus.


The book sales count for paper, eBook and Audio book sales during the calendar year.

This is the Year to Earn Your Fair Share and be part of the Authors Revolution!

Remember, if you have not signed up to sell on the IndieLector.Store website, please begin the process here:

*Certain restrictions do apply. Click here for a full list of restrictions. Actual books sold through the IndieLector.Store website refers to paperback, hardcover, eBook and audio book sales that are sold at no less than $7.50 per item. Download cards or free downloads of any type are not included towards the book sales during this campaign.

Each author that has books available for sale on our website is automatically entered into the 2019 bonus program.