Educating Readers
We Love our Readers & Want them to Become Better Readers

The general public is, in basic concept, sheep. The public follows the hottest trends and the coolest program so that they too can be hip. I’m one of them to a small degree, and I am sure you will agree you are too. But as writers, we have the ability to change peoples’ minds through our stories. To be able to create new visions, new thought programs, etc.

Therefore, the changing of minds and re-educating readers is left up to us as authors of published books. We want to make a decent living from our books. We want to have the freedom to write more books. This equates to more money coming in which allows us to create that freedom.

Capitalism is a great thing when it is fair to all. As writers, we know that we are not paid a fair share for our works. We also know that some companies are making a great deal of money from us, especially those of us who are indie authors. That needs to change. In order to create that change, we have to educate the readers on better ways to purchase our works.

Below are some educational points that can be used to help promote a healthy positive way for readers to support authors. It also serves to educate them in a non-combative fashion, on how to support authors in many different ways. If I missed any statements, please let me know.

At the bottom is a selection of images that have the bullet points and direct readers to the IndieLector Store where you can make more money from your books, while also improving your ratings on sales and other lists of value.

Please feel free to right click and save any image you would like to share with your readers through your social media system.

Again, if there are bullet points that I may have missed, please feel free to let me know so we can adjust them and get them out to your fellow authors.