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You have written a new book. You have gotten great reviews and now you are ready to do the next step in marketing…Pre-Sales!

What are Pre-Sales? Simple, you create a reason for people to want to buy your book before everyone else can.

How can you create buzz for this? Using the great reviews you have, you begin by setting up a time period for people to purchase your book in advance before the general public. These people are your ardent fans, social media followers, friends, etc., or anyone that you have access to on a more personal level.

You create a reason for them to buy your book in advance by offering a limited edition, usually the first 100 printed. Or a dedication to the buyer with your autograph. Maybe even a special gift that relates to your book (which can be sold as a package at a higher price). All of these are good solid reasons to buy your book in advance for one simple reason: the general public will not get these benefits.

Some authors will even offer a discount on the Pre-Sale price. Some will offer a two for one package. Buy the new book at regular price and get a free eBook of the previous book for free. Any and all of these options work.

Once you determine the type of Pre-Sale package you are going to do, then determine the time frame in which to offer the package.

On the Indie Lector Store, you can set up the Pre-Sale and use the books link to send out to your list of potential buyers. Once the Pre-Sale time period is over, you will then get the full list of buyers with the mailing addresses to send the book package to.

This is the final aspect of your Pre-Sale program: getting enough people to pre-purchase your book so when the sales end, the total number of book sales is then reported to the American Booksellers Association. If the sales are high enough, then the ABA will place the book on their top 10 list for Indie Bookstores so that they can learn more about your book and hopefully order it to sell in their store.

All of this combined with the high sales percentage you the author receives from Indie Lector Store will increase your profitability and your success as an Authorpreneur.