Author Support
Helping You to Succeed!

In mid-January we will be notifying our Lector/Gravis Lector members that they can download their first free eBook of the year. We are giving you this opportunity to participate in this first and all notices.

When we send out the notice, we will also include the book image that you would like for us to promote and a brief 100 word description of the book, that includes title, genre listings and retail price for paper and eBook. You are welcome to submit this 100 word statement to us, or we will write our own. NOTE: we are giving the authors the chance to promote one (1) book only per quarter. However, the download option will be open to ALL eBooks in our system. Please notify us if you want a special book promoted. We need the info by January 15, 2019.

We will be paying $1.00 per eBook downloaded to the author, and it will count as a sold eBook for ABA purposes. Payouts will happen after Feb 1, 2019, to give the Lector members ample time to download the book of their choice.

Each quarter we will notify the authors of the opportunity to promote their book to the Lector/Gravis Lector membership.